Labuan Backpacker

Welcome To Uncle Jacks Bed & Breakfast. This clean and cheap backpacker guesthouse has budget dorms and rooms.

The staff with Uncle Jack in charge are very fun and friendly and they always do their best to make you feel welcome.

Call: 016-803 0868



Labuan, Sabah, Malaysia, Borneo

How to find us:

We Are Opposite To Utama Jaya Superstore, On The 2nd Floor.

Next To Olympic Pool And Snooker Center And Pinoy De Cafe.


Call: 016-227 3559, 016-216 3559, 016-803 0868


Pictures Of Labuan, Uncle Jacks B&B And GoGo Motorbikes

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Posted by: Johanna & Rikard From Sweden

Crazy Uncle Jack is a very nice and funny guy! And we enjoyed our stay very much! Thanks man! :D

2011-04-19 @ 06:12:33
Posted by: LEONITA

Thank you very much for everything Uncle Jack! I hope you will be the king of Backpackers in less than 2 years!

Good luck to your business and all the best! // Leonita

2011-04-19 @ 06:14:54
Posted by: Barbro

Hello!! I have skyped with Johanna and she say they have a really fine stay at your Backpackers B&B. They like your hospitality. Take good care of them while they Stay at your place.

Best regards

Johannas mummy

2011-04-19 @ 16:03:29
Posted by: tim bathing vr.from svk

jack is good,he is cool and good to stay ,if you are at labuan island RM20 only. only backpacker at labuan call uncle jack b/b.they has motorbike from rent too.

2011-04-22 @ 08:43:37
Posted by: Mateo

Amaizing place to get fun and know about the culture of the island. With Jack you will find more than a manager of the hostel, also u will make a new funny friend that enjoy knowing backpackers around the world!!!

well done jack, I love the web site


2011-04-24 @ 07:11:45
Posted by: Claire carminattie.from England

if you happen to visit Labuan Island there,s a backpackers call unclejack b/b is located strategically in town and just take 5 minutes reach terminal ferry.such a clean place and a good hospitality.Just RM20,also they has motorbike for rent too.

2011-04-25 @ 04:18:42
Posted by: staffie Liam

Fantastic uncle Jack! we really have a good time stay at your B&b (unclejack backpackers)really enjoyed our stay in Labuan Island too.

sure we will be back one day and bring more friends to stay at your place alrigt!

Gogo uncle Jack you the best

2011-04-25 @ 04:31:58
Posted by: staffie Liam

Fantastic place to stay in Labuan Island, unclejack backpackrs B&b.clean and good hospitality.just RM20

even they have motorbike for rent too.

Gogo uncle Jack you,re the Best!

2011-04-25 @ 04:41:13
Posted by: jim botter

go backpacker,go go rent a bike.a very good b/b to stay at labuan island.

2011-05-13 @ 01:27:20
Posted by: jim botter

go backpacker,go go rent a m/bike .if you stay at unclejackbackpacker clean and very good hospitality.and jack will show you all the good cooking styles at labuan just take about 2 hours to go around the island by road.(rent a bike from jack only RM20-RM35)

2011-05-13 @ 05:23:06
Posted by: farah frank

im farah from pinang..i come to labuan and i stay at the labuan backpacker..the place very nice.clean.and we have a free breakfast.uncle jack is a good person,he can entertain all the guess u feel at home.

2011-05-14 @ 06:57:15
Posted by: matt vcr(SVC)

stay at jack b/b ,jack is very nice.and only one backpack at labuan lsland so----- you had to stay at jack b/b.

2011-05-19 @ 04:46:29
Posted by: fridaus

a m/bike rent uncle jck is so very very good transfort.just 35 for a 1day at 24hours.

2011-05-19 @ 05:08:11
Posted by: ben johnson

stay with uncle jack,and we had a very very good time .,as we only want to stay a night,but we end up stay 3 nights.

2011-07-07 @ 16:48:55
Posted by: lim min thang HONG KONG

we stay at jack b/b 3 night,and we had a good time with uncle jack.we rent a motorbike around the lsland.

2011-07-18 @ 01:22:26
Posted by: juliette

we left this morning at 11.30,here is the key.Thank you so much for your hospitality,it was lovely to stay at jack b/b!******

2011-09-23 @ 09:25:48
Posted by: LUSA LEE


2011-10-16 @ 06:58:48
Posted by: tom chan

we are from kl,we stay at uncle jack for 5 night and we had a good time with labuan food,beer and lsland hopping with jack boat.thank to uncle jack.

2012-01-15 @ 10:53:19
Posted by: nate eilers ho

thanks uncle jack, room is nice, motorbike also very nice and the one i got is new, lucky on my second day uncle cook for us, foods are fantastical.

Posted by: Fartoliz

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Labuan Backpacker
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